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Intuitive Readings

Spiritual Guidance


REIKI Multi session also available


As a gifted natural intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant and empath. Being open to receive messages from the highest version of yourself is how I connect.

Readings are an opportunity for deeper soul meaning connection and insight. Energy has not limits to time or space, to discover a meaning and increase the speed of which we gain the wisdom is transient. We are sometimes, to often out of vibration, frequency guided by ego/fear/free will. These readings are heart and soul centred, being present to what is within us for reassurance and guidance.  




As a natural and attuned intuitive, energy healer and empath I only channel messages and communicate exchanges.

They are enjoyable and offer the opportunity to discover your life in a deeper universal way.

Clients usually book sessions for a variety of personal and professional reasons, however our common theme is a desire for a deeper self awareness and connection. When we become open to the possibility that we possess the answers  to our questions we integrate our souls mission using intuitive direction.

Every session is approached holistically through deep meditation and connection to love, support and guide humans.

Insightful knowledge to enable solutions and clarity to current situations from a higher perspective

The most important area of my work is the power of focus - energy translation with our here and now.

Wellness Space / via Zoom

45 min Readings (60min sessions)
Also available with a Reiki treatment

All times are GMT London, England.

Oracle Cards

As above so below, when we reflect and consciously seek guidance we integrate who we are becoming with intention.
A 6 card spread is a basis for readings.

Oracle cards offer deeper meaning insightful messages for clarity and guidance

Tarot Cards

The Light Seer's Tarot is excellent for when we are unsure or wanting support and signs. The cards connect our light and reason any lessons that can be learned from both for our highest good.

Illuminate your life path with a reading and discover deeper meanings


The oracle card reading he did for me was very insightful and resonated a lot with me. Thank you Stephen for your mindfulness, and ongoing support!!

Absolutely amazing! I didn't believe it till I lived it, really surprised with how correct Stephen was... really helped me!!!